Our Cool Yearly Valentine

We've always sent out a Valentine to our clients. Over the past five years we have commissioned fabulous Brooklyn glass tile artist, Allison Eden, to create a tile especially for Norberry for Valentine's Day. Pictured below is 2017's tile named "Kisses". Please visit Norberry Tile & Fixture to see more of her work! ...

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Norberry Tile and Plumbing is chairing the Mount Baker Home Tour, again!

Norberry learned a lesson from chairing the 2013 Mount Baker Home Tour: don't get homes that are all constructed during the same time period! Our intentions were good—get all centennial homes to celebrate the Mount Baker Clubhouse's 100-year anniversary, but 100-year-old homes can look quite similar. This year we've improved the spread! This year we're going to take...

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Norberry is so pleased to offer Rookwood Tile (Sorrento Hotel Fireplace), and Rookwood is so pleased that we sold a fireplace! Pictures to follow...

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